My dog 🐕

My dog got a bath at petco today. He started to act nervous when we pulled into the parking lot. Now he smells like watermelon. And the workers said that whenever they were about to do something that he didn’t want to do he would just lie on the ground and be as flat as […]

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“Sometimes it’s good to let out emotions rather than keeping them all bottled up inside.”

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Braces 2

My teeth still hurt, not as bad though. Some teeth feel loose due to the pull when I take out the top tray. Hope it ‘ll get better!

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Kid zone

The kid zone is a loud place where parents leave their kids in the care of employees who will take care of your kids. One of the most popular places for kid zones are gyms. Parents leave their kids so they won’t be a burden to them while they work out. After the parents are […]

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